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About AP Investment

AP Investment (AusPac Investment Consultant Ltd) is a professional service company that specializes in providing people living in China with Australian property solutions to that suits their every individual needs. AP Investment consists of local Australians and local Chinese staff with years of expertise and experience. We pride ourselves of offering the upmost service and dedicated support from start to finish. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Offering property solutions and services between Australia and China. AP Investment core values is that every property and service we provide matches our polices of price, quality, location, features and return on investment, our clients can be confident that their investment will please our clients for many years to come We chose only the best and most respectable developers in Australia matching our specific criterias from listening to the community of their needs in property. With our showroom located in central Guangzhou China, Why do it alone when there is AP Investment to take all the hard work away from you if you want to enter this fast growing Chinese market. Come and Visit our friendly staff, enjoy a coffee and relax.